Recycling Employee Carpools with Company Vehicle


Honoring the reason for his profession, Midwest Recycling Center employee Kevin Hankins is keeping it clean by carpooling with his fellow employees, using the very car the company gave him. Saving in money, and emissions, Hankins drives a Chevy Cruze which was awarded to him in recognition of his hard work. He is the manager for the Midwest’s Park Hills facility, and before he acquired the Chevy all the employees drove separately. Now Hankin’s picks up whoever he can, including weekend drives to recycling events. This has lowered emissions by 10.5 tons since 2011 when he received the car, according to the company. Hankins wants Midwest to always be ahead of the game when it comes to keeping things green. The company takes in millions of pounds of recyclables each year. They invite everyone to help the environment by starting a carpool, or stopping by the recycling center located at 915 Fifth St. in Park Hills.