Family Creates 45-ft. Icicle in Front Yard


One St. Elmo, IL family had a tradition of making icicles when the weather got too cold, but this year they went a little over the top . . . by about 45 feet. Garrick Moreland, whose late step-father liked to make icicles in the driveway, took things a step further this year. Taking advantage of the freezing weather from the past few weeks, Moreland – a tree trimmer – climbed a tree in his family’s front yard with a hose and let the water drip down. Like the stalagmite of a cave the icicle grew and grew over the course of a week until it towered almost as high as the tree. 45 feet tall, and drawing a lot of attention, people stopped in the middle of the road to get a good look at the spectacle. To add even more fun, Moreland placed a mannequin of the character Elsa from the movie Frozen to the base of the icicle, she is accompanied by some of the other characters, who occupy the front yard.