Flamingo Fling


Winter is almost over, that means gardens, flowers, and . . . flamingos? The Anna Arts Center is hosting a Flamingo Fling where everyone is invited to adopt a naked flamingo and dress it up for a contest. Categories included best dressed, most original, and funniest flamingo. All entries are included in an art exhibition where people can vote for their favorites, and even bid at auction to purchase one of the stylish waterfowl. The money goes to the development fun to fix up the old city hall building. Adoptions are held January 26 to February 10, for only $5. The exhibit opens February 19 through the rest of the month to admire the community handiwork, with the award ceremony February 28 at 7:00 p.m. All are invited to participate, so stop by the Anna Arts Center and give those birds an outfit they can be proud of. For more information, check out the flier on their Facebook.