Classified UFO Report in Poplar Bluff Released to Public


Everyone likes a good UFO story, and in the 24 hour period of September 19 and 20, 1950, Poplar Bluff had quite a tale, which, until just recently, remained classified information with the U.S. Air Force “Project Blue Book.” UFO enthusiast John Greenewald used the Freedom of Information Act to retrieve the information, and put its contents on The Black Vault online database. Among the reports is the strange happenings that briefly struck Poplar Bluff. In a 24 hour period there was a UFO sighting over the town, a low meteor explosion that lite up the sky, and a Navy Fighter plane crash which was kept hushed by the pilot who survived. All of these occurred within hours of each other. To check out the whole story and view the reports visit the Daily American Republic for Poplar Bluff.