Local Man Breeds Gentle Giants


You’ve heard of the Budweiser Clydesdales, but what about the Kuberskis? In Tamaroa, IL Paul Kuberski has raised eight of these majestic horses, a couple of which are only three weeks old. Kuberski owned horses as a teenager, and was ready to have them again with his own daughter. Inspired by his friend Kevin Hardin, who also raises Clydesdales, Kuberski took in some of his own, and hasn’t regretted a day. His favorite thing is hitching them up to a wagon for rides, “It's just so peaceful, just listening to the horses clop, clop, clop, and you have conversation. I could do it every day.” His daughter Mara enjoys the gentle giants as well, “You just walk around, and they'll, like, follow you, and they're so nice.”