Rare Instrument Collection Donated


In January Dr. Aurelia and Jeff Hartenberger made a stunning donation to Sheldon Arts Foundation, giving away a collection of 2,500 musical instruments. The Hartenberger’s spent years building their collection, obtaining over 3,000 instruments from around the world through appraisers and the television series Antiques Road Show. The oldest instrument in their collection is the Olmec, a wind instrument made of jade. It was appraised by officials licensed by the US government, determined to be from the time period between 3,000 B.C. and 1,000 B.C. There are over 700 rare instruments from the African continent. Greater than 800 instruments belong to the classical and jazz genres. Some of these were owned by and Clark Terry and Artie Shaw who were among the nation’s greatest jazz musicians. As a music teacher Dr. Aurelia Hartenberger said she wanted to donate the instruments to give students a hands-on approach to learning the history, “I will still be teaching long after I am no longer here.”