SIU on The Simpsons



Southern Illinois University added a notch to their 'claim to fame' list. This time the university was buzzing when the most recent episode of 'The Simpsons' mentioned the campus. Characters declared, "Go Southern Illinois!" and performed a dance they called, 'the Saluki strut'. While the university doesn't actually have a 'Saluki strut' Rae Goldsmith, chief marketing and communications officer says that, now, maybe they should. Social media was filled with students and alumni responding to the episode with pride. Goldsmith called it a positive, saying that, "Any time you get integrated into pop culture in that kind of way, it's positive because people say, 'oh, I went to that university'." The Simpson's ties to Southern Illinois can be traced to writer/producer Bill Odenkirk who is a native of Naperville. His brother, Bob Odenkirk, also a writer for television, attended SIU. 

Click here to see the clip from the episode 'Sky Police'. Hopefully SIU will soon reveal what exactly is a Saluki strut.