Season of the Bald Eagle


Over at the Cache River Wetlands a special season has just opened up for nature lovers. Though the weather outside is frightful, birdwatchers are gathering all through the Mississippi River area to catch a glimpse of a bald eagle.

This is the season for the national bird, and sightings are becoming more and more common. Bald eagles can be seen from Alaska to Florida, and have been taken off the endangered species list due to their growing population. These birds of prey live near water, eating fish and water fowl; that makes the rivers and lakes in the area the perfect place to catch sight of one.

At the Carbondale Reservoir a pair of eagles have made their permanent home in a tree over the past several years. The quiet reservoir is the perfect home for bald eagles, who prefer quiet, wet areas. The couple’s nest is described by birdwatchers to be, “the size of a Volkswagen Bug” as the birds add to it every year. Not all eagles have permanent homes, as some will opt to travel south during the winter.

Parks and nature centers are taking advantage of bald eagle-watching season by giving eagle tours, selling materials, and even providing public demonstrations of live birds such as owls, and hawks.