Assisted Living Center Gets a Furry Friend


River to River Murphysboro – an assisted living center – has a new and, rather furry, resident. Cocoa might be a little different, but this brown mutt has become the center’s most popular tenant. St. Francis CARE was having trouble finding Cocoa a forever home due to an injury on her back leg. One of the residents, Rita O'Donnell says this gives Cocoa an empathetic bond with the other residents. The dog doesn’t let her disability slow her down, and she has it made at her new home, with a private bed next to the fireplace, and free reign to explore and visit everyone who joins the assisted living center, bringing fun and smiles to everyone who knows her. Cocoa’s positive influence at River to River has inspired other assisted living centers to call St. Francis CARE wanting to adopt dogs for their residents as well.