Residents Help Rescue Kitten From Tree


For four days residents in a Leadwood Missouri neighborhood could hear cries for help coming from a tree just along a gravel road south of West County Middle School. The cries were the meows of a four-month-old kitten who had gotten stuck, and was keeping up the neighbors each night with its meowing. Unfortunately for the stranded feline, the fire department did not have a ladder long enough to reach him, the cat was on a limb 50 feet up, and with no ladder truck there was no help to be had. Mary Yount, who found out about the cat from a neighbor, decided to call R & B Tree Service & Landscaping. The owner, Randy Beckett, had a lift just tall enough to reach the kitten’s location, and rescued it. Several others had called Beckett, knowing he was the only one with the tools to pull off this daring rescue. Yount took in the wayward tree-climber, and has said she will keep him, unless someone else comes forward.

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