Local Beekeeper Shares his Knowledge


The last couple of years has not been easy for bees, luckily these important bugs have a helping hand in Farmington, MO. Pat Brady has been a beekeeper for 40 years, and cares for his flying friends all year long, from the harvest of honey in the summer, to preparing for the winter. Brady has been interested in bees since he was a child when his father kept bees. Brady acquired his own bees in March 1973. What he loves most is watching the bees work, flying back and forth with their pollen, “It’s good to be able to stand out at your colony and watch them coming and going.” Of course, the sweet reward of honey isn’t too bad either, Brady says he can extract several gallons at one time. While Brady says it’s just a hobby he invests a fair amount of money into upkeep for his bees (with the help of honey sales), he is also part of the Parkland Beekeepers Association, and will be holding a class on beekeeping at Mineral Area College. He even has a workshop where he builds all the hives by hand. Brady has become so comfortable around his bees that he doesn’t even wear a protective suit, saying that stinging isn’t a problem, “All they are wanting to do is go back and forth to get nectar and feed their young and raise the colony.”

Brady’s beekeeping class will be held at the North College Center at Mineral Area College, located at 5270 Flat River Road, in Park Hills on January 24  8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for anyone interested in beekeeping. The class is $50 which includes lunch, a one-year family membership in the Parkland Beekeepers Association, a copy of Honey Bee Hobbyist – The Care and Keeping of Bees by Norman Gary, and honey tasting from Brady’s own hive.


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