Couple Helps Disabled Animals with Sanctuary



Dawn Prince has taken care of animals all her life. As a child living in the country her parents often took in injured animals like birds and rabbits. When she was older she worked in the Veterinary clinic of Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, and at one point she even worked with Jane Goodall and wrote a book on her experiences. Five years ago Dawn decided it was time to go back home, and she started her own animal sanctuary in Makanda. IL. Now Dawn starts her mornings to the knocking of her blind horse, Whinny, and spends about two hours feeding all the animals. In her sanctuary live a hobbled sheep named Shawn, several Pomeranian dogs, a pig, a crippled duck, and that’s just to name a few. Dawn takes care of them all, even baths June Bug the duck, who is unable to clean herself. Also living in the house is a tortoise.  Caring for the animals is expensive, and usually Dawn and her wife Rhys do without, “The animals come first. We need a car. There are lots of things we need, but the animals come first. It's just the right thing to do. They're like family.” Rhys loves the work as well. Formally working in Debt Management, she says working with animals gives her a sense of purpose that she didn’t get from a desk job.



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