Man Works to Help Bees and People



Bees are incredibly important to the environment and food that we eat, but sometimes these busy bugs can get into places they don’t belong. In order to keep bees safe, and help out the humans as well, local beekeeper Mike Felty has taken on the responsibility of removing bees from homes, absolutely free. At a home in Christopher Illinois Felty removed a hive of bees from inside the walls of the house. He had to remove part of the chimney, open the wall, and replace it all once the hive was removed, and not a single charge was made to the home owner.

"The payoff saving the bees does for me is worth more than charging a customer to remove the bees.” Felty knows how important bees are for the environment, and for people, "Honey bees are the main pollinators of everything," Felty explained. "They pollinate dandelions, fruit trees, cherry trees."

Felty uses smoke to keep the bees passive, and collects them using a BeeVac before taking them to a safe, new home. He has collected 6 hives so far, and hopes to keep growing. Of course, doing all this free work has a tasty reward, while removing the hive Felty treated himself to a fresh bite of honey, right off the wall.


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