E-cycling Event in Jackson



If you own any unused or broken computers, electronics, and other appliances gather them up for the e-cycling event on Saturday at the Jackson Recycling Center. Help the environment by recycling things like lawn mowers (emptied of gas and oil), tools, air conditioners, laptops, TVs, computers and accessories, game systems and cartridges, stereo equipment, and rechargeable and lead batteries. Keep in mind the center will not accept AAA, A, C, and D batteries, radioactive materials, and other hazardous waste items. All computer hard drives will be shredded or erased to protect privacy. Thanks to a grant awarded for the event recycling fees will be waived, however bringing in more than one television requires a $20 recycling fee. 

The event takes place June 20 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at the Recycling Center, 508 Eastview Court.


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