Fire Safety Regulations in City Limits



Fall is just around the corner, the season of grilling, roasting marshmallows, and leaf-burning. Before you strike that match become aware of the city-limit regulations regarding open fire. These include: 

  • It is illegal to leave a fire unattended.

  • Always have something to put out the fire nearby, such as a water hose or fire extinguisher in case the flames get out of hand.

  • Be mindful of ‘no burn’ days, usually declared when conditions are windy and dry.

  • If you live in a multi-family residency like apartment or duplex fires must be kept 15 feet or more from the building and structures.

  • Burning yard waste is permitted between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on ‘okay to burn’ days. You must keep a fire extinguisher or water hose nearby, and all fires must be extinguished by 5 p.m.

  • Do not burn anything in the street or sidewalk.

Rules vary depending on where you live and what you’re burning. Before starting fires stay informed by calling the fire department at 573-339-6330 or visiting their website. Stay safe, and enjoy the cool weather to come.

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