Port Cape Goes Smoke Free


Port Cape announced that, effective immediately, their building will now be a smoke-free environment. The restaurant portion of the establishment has been smoke free since 1989, but now Port Cape is banning cigarettes from the bar and banquet facilities as well.

The release communicates that Port Cape has made this as a personal business decision. “We were the epicenter of the Stand Up Cape movement when fighting for smokers rights and businesses rights to decide their own fate to the smoking ban in Cape Girardeau.”

They will find other ways to accommodate patrons who wish to smoke. They hope that having a smoke-free bar will appeal to a wider audience, and enhance the bar atmosphere.

Their statement is issued below:


It is with excitement and some anxiety that Port Cape Girardeau is announcing that beginning September 6, 2016 we will become a totally smoke-free restaurant and bar. We have been a smoke-free restaurant since 1989 but feel the time has come to include our bar and banquet facilities as well.
WE STILL BELIEVE THAT CHOICE BELONGS TO BUSINESS OWNERS AND NOT GOVERNMENT or SPECIAL INTEREST. We will still defend that choice every time it comes up! This is strictly a business decision for Port Cape Girardeau. We feel strongly that our bar atmosphere will be enhanced and appeal to a wider audience by eliminating cigars, cigarettes, and vaporizing. We will do our best to accommodate our smoking friends and continue to hopefully earn your business! To our potential new bar patrons, new friends, and customers: come on down and see what we have to offer!
To all of our customers we thank you for your business! We are proud to be your Port Cape.
Thank you,
Doc Cain Family

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