4th Annual Carbondale Rocks Revival Line-Up Announced


We are excited to announce the first part of our lineup for the 4th Annual Carbondale Rocks Revival taking place this September 4th-6th at venues throughout downtown Carbondale. Keep in mind this is only part of our lineup so stay tuned for much more to come including our headlining Saturday night show at the Hangar 9. You can go or follow the CRR 4 Facebook event page at


"Dex Romweber was and is a huge influence on my music. I owned all of his records as a teenager, and was thrilled at the fact that we were able to play together recently on tour. His attitude towards music is remarkable. His songwriting, along with his love of classic American music from the south, be it rockabilly, country or R&B, is one of the best kept secrets of the rock n roll underground." —Jack White (White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather)

For a quarter century, Dex Romweber has trolled the dark corners and back shelves of the haunted thrift store of Americana ephemera and honed an extraordinarily idiomatic sound, a particular and readily identifiable DEXness for those in the know. It’s a creepy doll collection of surf, proto-rockabilly, garage, dark and vengeful blues, and nobody, but nobody, plays it like Dex.

First with the legendary Flat Duo Jets and now with his sister Sara on drums, Dex distilled the punk ethos of less-is-more to the essential guitar/drums template. Left in the wake of his lecherous and slithery Silvertone guitar were early acolytes like Jack White, Neko Case, and the Reigning Sound as well as a current crop of the indie pack like Ty Segall, No Age, Japandroids, and The Black Keys. All owe an unclaimed pawn ticket of debt to his sublime and spine-tingling sound. He is a live wire back to the murky, sometimes dangerous and always unpredictable headwaters of real rock and roll.

See the Dex Romweber Duo Saturday Sept 6th at Pk's !


The best rock ’n’ roll, the kind that gets under your skin and makes all your senses heighten, is simple and comprised of hard work and unrelenting passion—all of which JEFF The Brotherhood embody and exemplify. Brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall have been playing together since they were little kids and formed the group when they were in high school. The boys grew up with a voracious appetite for any music they could get their hands on.

It's not their first trip to Carbondale but it has been a while. You don't want to miss this one Friday Sept 5th at the Hangar 9!


Those who have seen Nikki Hill sing her ass off agree—this isn’t just another newcomer on the scene, this is a ‘whiplash’ moment. Where did this fireball come from? Why haven’t I heard of her before? If you haven’t heard of Nikki Hill yet, you soon will, and once you see her perform, you won’t forget her.

Thursday Sept 4th at the Hangar 9


A few years ago, Tommy Womack thought he was through. His bands, legendary Nashville post-punk group Government Cheese, and the John Prine Oh Boy! label-championed Bis-Quits, had their shots at fame and fortune. But to hear Womack tell it, he instead ended up miserably toiling at a dreaded day job because of his willingness to succumb to rock ‘n’ roll excess, and not because the music industry ever took him to the cleaners.Then Womack released his solo CD There, I Said It! in 2007, which prompted love letters from the national press and phone calls about international gigs, both solo and in various duo and full-band incarnations with former Bis-Quit buddy, and now-Americana guitar star, Will Kimbrough. Now Womack’s star is on the rise, and he seems to be on his way to becoming somewhat of a Nashville legend, though probably not one whose Telecaster will be on display in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Now pushing 50, Womack is celebrating his musical rebirth with Now What!, a new collection of tunes that finds him again unreservedly spilling his guts, while playing all his own guitars, some bass and Dylanesque harmonica. Womack sings about alcohol, sex, cigarettes and Jesus, unafraid to say whatever he wants, having weathered both the worst and best of times

Come check out Mr. Womack Friday September 5th at the Varsity Center for the Arts !


Amanda Shires seems to be the sort of sweet, Southern girl that all boys should be warned about, at a certain age, for her songs lead us to believe that she'll never let anyone trample all over her. She might not even let you walk beside her. She has a strong and strident nature that skates the feeling of all WOMAN and all bad ass, at the same time. She's a rascal. She can yearn for one of those tuck-in-early nights or throw the short skirt on and hit the tavern to make a good dent on a deep bottle

Amanda's husband  Jason Isbell has rocked Carbondale several times and now it is time for Amanda to as well. See her Saturday night (Sept6th) at the Varsity Center for the Arts.


Many people play roots music, but few modern musicians live those roots like Minnesota's Charlie Parr. Recording since the earliest days of the 21st century, Parr's heartfelt and plaintive original folk blues and traditional spirituals don't strive for authenticity: They are authentic. 

See Mr. Parr Saturday September 5th at the Varsity Center for the Arts


Creole Stomp has captured the ears and the feet of Louisiana music fans across North America. A recognized African Creole and French Creole Fiddle master, bandleader Dennis Stroughmatt has journeyed to three corners of North America in his quest to learn about the music traditions and French culture. Creole Stomp keeps listeners enthralled and dancers in motion with a rollicking mix of contemporary blues, swamp pop, and traditional Cajun and zydeco music. Dennis's deep knowledge of the music comes from mentors that include Morris Ardoin and Canray Fontenot, Faren Serrette and the late Hadley Castille. Creole Stomp shows have become legendary for the heart and passion conveyed from the stage, music with emotion and energy that literally jumps from the band.

See Creole Stomp's historic return to Carbondale at the Varsity Center for the Arts Friday Sept 5th .

Other acts include but are not limited to

The Way Down Wanderers, Hooten Hallers, Jenny and the Johnsons, The Saturday Night Specials, The Mudsills, The Flood Brothers, County Graves, The Dead or Alive's, The Bankesters, The Deciders, plus much more to come

Stay tuned for information about the lineup, tickets, and sponsorship opportunities.

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