Huge Weekend Planned in Bollinger County


Huge Weekend Planned in Bollinger County 

Bollinger County has big plans for the weekend of August 2, 2014.  Yard sales will dot the country side along the Highway 51/34 route and in Bollinger County towns. There will be around 40 registered yard sale sites and many more who have not registered.  Most sales will start around 7a.m. Get out early and have a fun filled day!

Another prominent activity in Bollinger County on August 2 will be Faith & Family & Freedom Day. This annual event is hosted by 104.1 KMHM radio station and brings family oriented fun annually. This year's lineup will include a day of fun, food, and entertainment in Magnolia Park in Marble Hill for the third annual Faith, Family, and Freedom Day. Activities start at 9a.m. Taking the stage at 2pm will be THE LESTERS from ST Louis. Local gospel singing will be throughout the day. Back by popular demand will be Puppet Power Ministries and Me & Ma's PR Express Train. Special guests Awaken Drama Team from Advance. Many vendor booths open all day. Please bring your lawn chairs and enjoy!

Massey Log House will be open for tourist on Saturday, August 2 from 8a.m.-2p.m. and on Sunday, August 3 from 1p.m. - 4p.m. The Massey Log House was built circa 1869. The four-pen structure with full porches is a good example of “dog trot” and “V” notched log house and is filled with many historical items of everyday life from the 1800 era.

Bollinger County Museum of Natural History will be open from 12p.m. - 4:30p.m. on August 2 and August 3. New exhibits have arrived at the Bollinger County Museum.  See Pterygotus, a life-sized 9 foot sea scorpion replica that is on the wall in the Geology room. These sea scorpions grew up to 10 feet long and were an apex predator of the Silurian and Devonian periods (370-400mya). Pterygotus had eight thin legs, a pair of large compound eyes, powerful pinchers, and a hard armored body. Explore more of the sea world in the Fossil Fishes exhibit. Fishes succeeded in becoming the dominant mobile marine animal. The Badlands Fossils exhibit features fossils of the Oligocene Epoch (34-23mya). Included in the exhibit is the fossil skull of a leopard sized predator, Hoplophoneus, an early mammal equipped with saber teeth and the fossil cranial endocast (fossil brain) of a rabbit and squirrel. 

For the pre-historic adventures check out the Missouri dinosaur and friends which include a life size T-Rex, Utah Raptor, and many more! The Ice Age is still alive with fossils and replicas of this time period on display. Plus fun in the Discover and Play area with a children's dinosaur dig.

Round out your evening of fun with a trip to the Patton Lions Club Lawn Mower Races. These exciting races take place at the Patton Saddle Club and are always a thrill! Admission to the races is only $5 per car. Time trials at 5 p.m., races start at 6p.m.  Food and refreshments are available. No coolers or alcohol please.  Proceeds will be used for youth programs, vision services, and community emergency needs. Get ready to rev your engines and have an exciting evening at the races!

Need still more excitement? Don't forget to check out our campgrounds, RV parks, and lakes for outdoor recreation and fun. 

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