Corvettes in Cape Recap

Downtown Cape was lined with Corvettes on Tuesday hailing from all across the country. Approximately 450 cars from both near and far packed the streets, offering a glance at the corvettes caravanning to the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky as well as several local beauties.

Cape was scouted out about a year ago by Tuna and Susan Dobbins, Corvette Caravan captains from Texas. They scheduled a visit to the area as they were planning the route for this year's event. In part because of the Great Race coming to Cape, the Dobbins' were intrigued by what Cape had to offer. They liked what they saw, and after a year of meetings and planning, Cape didn't disappoint. According to event coordinator Dave Jackson, "The highlight of the event was definitely the 450 corvettes sitting in one spot downtown. Second was the parade down Broadway. We were overwhelmed by the amount people that participated."

Chuck Martin, executive director of the Cape Convention and Visitor's Bureau, said, "From our perspective, the event was a huge success.  We had overnight guests from California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Missouri. The feedback that we received from a number of their members was very positive."

The planning committee consisted of Chuck Martin, Dave Jackson, Danny Essner, Stacy Lane, Alyssa Lage, Marla Mills, Christa Zickfield, Debbie Deevers, Brenda Newbern, Pat Patterson, Kenny Pinkston and Reg Swan, and volunteers came in the form of car enthusiasts from the area. "Everyone on the committee had a great working relationship. I couldn't have asked for a better team to work with," commented Jackson. Team member Danny Essner is also the coordinator for the Motorcycle Cannonball Run coming in September.

There were an estimated 1,500 spectators that came out despite the high temperatures. In addition to the corvettes, there were displays by Auto Tire & Parts and Highway Patrol.

While the economic benefit has yet to be officially counted, it is estimated to be in the tens of thousands of dollars for the evening. Martin said, "Our hotels were booked; many people ate in our restaurants; some shopped, some visited Isle Casino, and many filled up their cars with fuel."

The event was an overall joy for the community and caravaners alike. "We have heard a lot of positive feedback," said Jackson.

Corvettes in Cape

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