Sandra Stotsky Event in Miner/Sikeston MO


Sandra StotskyWe are having an event in Sikeston on October 21st to further the education of the public regarding the Common Core Standards. So many parents of school children just do not have the information they need to make an educated decision about these new standards that have been signed onto by our Democratic governor.

When I first began looking into what these standards were and where they came from, I read about the five educators who were called in to be a part of the validation committee for the standards. I was shocked to see that the only educators on the original validation committee refused to sign off on the standards. Not only did they refuse to sign off on the standards but they began trying to publicize, without the cooperation of the liberal media, the inadequacy of the standards and the bad effect they would have on our nation's students as a whole. One of these educators was Dr James Milgram, Professor Emeritus in Math from Stanford University. He said that if these standards were put into use, students coming out of the high schools would not be ready for college level math. Another of the educators was Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Professor Emeritus from the University of Arkansas. She was nationally known for her work with education standards and she said that the use of the Common Core Standards would dumb our children down by two grades.

We have a group in Sikeston that has met many times to brainstorm on how we could educate the public about this outside intrusion into our Missouri educational system. At one of our most recent meetings, someone suggested that we call Dr. Stotsky and see if she would come here. We did and she agreed to come at no cost to us. She did ask however that we make every effort to have as many people come to hear her as possible in order to make the trip fruitful.The event is on 10/21/14. That is a Tuesday evening at 7 PM at the Miner Convention Center in Sikeston. That is just adjacent to the Drury Inn on Malone, or Hwy 62, just a short distance from Lambert's.


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