Cape Girardeau Committee to Continue Fire Tax


Voters of Cape Girardeau,

On November 4th, it will be up to YOU to keep Cape a safe place to live and work. The Committee to Continue the Fire Tax is urging you to vote 'YES' to continue the fire tax which will maintain the high standard of public safety Cape citizens have come to expect. 

If extended, 100% of the tax will be awarded to the Cape Girardeau Fire Department, and the revenue will generate approximately $1.2 million annually over the next 21 years. The proposed revenue is essential to maintain and replace critical equipment and facilities as they become outdated and/or unusable.

Our city has a residential population of more than 38,000 citizens with a daytime commuter population estimated at 100,000+ people. These additional 62,000 commuters account for more than half of those contributing to the safety and health of our local economy.  

The per capita cost of the proposed tax extension is nominal. Citizens and those who visit Cape will only pay 1.25 PENNIES for every $10 dollars you spend in the city of Cape Girardeau.

This is a fair price to pay for peace-of-mind public safety!

The local fire department does FAR more for our community than simply respond to fires.  When members of our community are entrapped due to car wrecks, bodies of water, trench collapse, confined spaces, building collapse, high and low places, farm industrial machinery, medical emergencies and injuries, hazardous material releases, man-made and natural disasters – CAPE's FIRE DEPARTMENT IS YOUR FIRST RESPONDER!!

Our fire department is currently able to serve you with high-speed response times and complete competence; arriving on scene in 6 minutes or less more than 85% of the time.  This is CRITICAL in any life-and-death situation. Communities with decreased resources and fewer stations take up to an hour longer to arrive on-site with proper equipment and skills to manage danger. 

Don't leave your life or the lives of your loved ones up to chance, VOTE YES to continue the FIRE TAX... because the next emergency could be YOURS!!

Support the Fire Tax and keep Cape a safe place to live, work and raise a family!


The Committee to Continue the Fire Tax

For more information on the Fire Tax go to :
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