Community Shows Large Growth in Recycling


The recycling center in Cape Girardeau has seen a lot of action the past 20 years. Participation in recycling has increased exponentially, having doubled after 2009, and growing steadily each year. Over 4,337 households have a green recycling container on their curb come pick-up day. Public works director Tim Gramling says that this increase in participation can be attributed to the community’s understanding of the importance of recycling, and its positive impact on the environment. The service itself has also grown over the years. The recycling plant once dismantled only used trailers, now they operate four days a week picking up recyclables. Instead of hand-sorting they now use a single stream system that’s quicker and easier. In 2011 they began e-cycling as well, taking in used televisions and computers. As the plant grows they try to make residents aware of all the services they provide, and recycle as many products as possible.


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