K-9 Unit Visits The Southeast Missourian


While doing a story on the local police department’s K-9 unit, the office of the Southeast Missourian got a visit from the police dog himself. Schupo is a German Shepard with the Cape Girardeau Police Department. Cpl. Bryan Blanner – Schupo’s handler – attended as well, using German commands to demonstrate Schupo’s skills.

Blanner had one of the Missourian staff hide a container of marijuana in the office. With a single-word command Schupo immediately found the container in the conference room, knocking over a phone in his excitement.

Blanner said that the dogs consider the whole thing to be a game, that it’s all play. He rewarded Schupo with a rubber tube, which the dog proudly showed off to the onlookers. Blanner said, “He gets to strut around and show everybody his pipe and act like he's the cat's meow.”

Besides tracking, Schupo also showed off his strength when Blanner brought out an arm sleeve and had Schupo attack it. While Schupo usually tracks narcotics he is also in charge of protecting Blanner, who recalled a time he sent Schupo after a suspect who had tried to run and hide under a shed. Schupo easily pulled the man out, avoiding harm.

Blanner explains that Schupo is still an animal, and can be unpredictable. He said that once during a drug bust in a vehicle, Schupo found some pizza in the backseat of the suspect’s car and helped himself to a slice while Blanner wasn’t looking.

Blanner said that Schupo loves his work, and that every day is a fun day with ‘dad’ for him.


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