Foster Care for Strays in Bollinger County


Strays can be a big problem out in the country; abandoned, lost, or stolen animals often end up on back county roads, or wandering into someone’s farm. Bollinger County is taking on this problem in a unique way with the Bollinger County Stray Project. This organization has a different way of handling lost animals – through foster care. BCSP uses Facebook as a way to advertise lost and found dogs and help them find their owners. Until claim or adoption can be organized a foster parent takes in the animal temporarily until a permanent home can be found.

This process is needed due to Bollinger County’s lack of animal shelters. As a result many homes find themselves burdened with an overabundance of strays. When the BCSP takes in strays they pay for the animals to be spayed and neutered, as well as provide a veterinary examination, and vaccinations. This is all made possible through generous donations and pet sponsors.

Marilyn Neville is the program director, a retired dog breeder and obedience trainer, she helps (along with several volunteers) evaluate the animals to make sure the right personality goes to the right home. She also runs the “Puppies for Parole” program in Charleston. The BCSP does not accept animals with aggressive concerns.

The adoption process is simple, and they even work with out-of-state adoptions. Volunteers, donations, and foster homes are welcome with open arms. Updates are made daily, so check out their Facebook:


And their website:

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