Joplin Uncovers Historical Organs


One group is striving to save organs in Missouri. Don’t worry, this isn’t a Silence of the Lambs thing. In Joplin, Missouri a group of musicians are working to preserve the musical instrument, the organ, from all over the country. The Joplin Area Organist's Association hosts what they call ‘organ crawls’ in which they track down antique and unique organs, uncovering a long history of the symbolic instrument. The JAOA works hard to preserve this history, since organs are expensive to maintain and hard to play they fear that the use of the instrument might be fading, usually being replaced by synthesizers or pianos. Since organs are no longer manufactured, the JAOA relies on what already exists. The United Methodist Church in Joplin owns a 1929 Hinners pipe organ. In Galena, Kansas they have discovered an organ at St. Mary's Episcopal Church that predates the Civil War, and traveled all the way from New York, up the Mississippi River to its still current home. The group hopes to keep the history of the organ alive and relevant to the area.


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