Local Artist Sees Color in Music


Kerry Hirth is an artist and a musician, usually at the same time. She has an unique ability to see colors in sound. Hirth has synesthesia, a neurological condition in which one sensory experience will stimulate another sense. In her case sound stimulates visuals – she sees color when she hears musical harmonies. She first noticed the condition when she was about four years old just learning the piano in her home in Osage County Missouri. But she didn’t put her gift to art until after graduating college and becoming an attorney in Chicago. As a present she created a painting for her husband, and that was when they discovered that she had synesthesia. Hirth entered the art world with gusto, entering her paintings in art shows and galleries. Now living back in Missouri she paints full time, listening to a variety of music, from Scarlatti sonata, to Bach, or a simple Irish fiddle. She identifies cords by color, and uses the colors to not only paint, but interpret and analysis the music using her unique perspective.

Hirth will be hosting a solo art exhibit in May 2015 at the ARC Gallery in Chicago.


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