Gone Girl - That's a Wrap! (At Least for Cape)

By Wes Wade

The filming of Gone Girl over the past few months brought a great deal of fun and excitement to many in the area. Interactions with the cast and crew have been numerous and mostly positive. We have stories to share with you over the next few weeks about some of those interactions by the people who had them and photos of the filming in action along with a few behind the scenes pictures.

Except for a few final details, last night brought an end to filming in the Cape area and an exit for Ben Affleck. Ben’s finale outside The Bar shows what a great person he is as he waded into a crowd of adoring fans, allowing each one a photo opp, autograph and personal interaction illustrated in the photos below.

Pure Class Mr. Affleck!

Photo Courtesy of Meagan Douglas
Ben was seen holding several children, much to the

enjoyment of all onlookers!


Photo of Louis Benson, Courtesy of Louie Benson
Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman in the upcoming Batman vs

Superman movie and gives Louie a “fake” Batman Punch!


While I wasn’t star struck by the celebrities such as Neil Patrick Harris, Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike and others who came to Cape it was certainly fun and a little surreal to see them in the Cape area. Most fascinating to me was the entire movie making process. The immense effort put in by cast, crew and extras all under the creative genius of director David Fincher speaks to how good he is and why he is an award winning director! 

Numerous opportunities to interact with the crew in charge of managing the crowds of onlookers, while also fulfilling their many other duties at the same time, created much respect and insight into the many people in charge. We all know the truth of the saying “it starts at the top” and seeing not just the professionalism but the friendliness and warmth of the crew speaks highly of David Fincher and those he chose to assist him. I was truly impressed to see the kind and respectful way the crew worked the crowds. Some were so good they became celebrities in their own right. One of the most popular was Eric Williams who hails from Nashville. He even picked up the nickname “Ramos” from his avid fans.


Eric “Ramos” Williams surrounded by local adoring fans!


Eric Williams at work.


To see more of our photos visit our Facebook page. More photos and stories will be published over the

next few weeks, so be sure to follow us!


For now, we leave you with this quote from Mr. Randy McWilson:

"With tremendous fanfare and a crowd of flashes, clicks, hugs, and smiles, Ben Affleck departed the "city-wide" set of Cape Girardeau. A class act in his final act, he graciously met with diehard fans and posed and signed and smiled and warmed hearts on a chilly evening, beset with rain, but more than matched by undamped spirits." Randy McWilson


David Fincher views scene as Ben pulls into driveway.


Local native Lawrence Flemming is the driver during a scene as Tyler

Perry and Ben Affleck leave the courthouse.

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