Dairy Goats Gruff: Making Cheese at Baetje Farms

Baby Goats Baetje FarmSandwiches, wine, crackers, pasta, everything is a little better when you add cheese. Yes, everything. But for those who like to take their cheese to the next level Baetje Farms offers a unique kind of dairy delight. Theirs is made from goat’s milk, and Veronica Baetje claims it’s one of the best kinds of cheese you’ll ever have.


Baetje Farms is a goat farm, and these little nannies have a special job, making milk for the best local cheese in the area. “A lot of people think of Kraft or Velveeta, but that’s not real cheese, they’re full of bi-products” says Veronica, who helps run the farm with her husband, Steve. Veronica says that goat cheese is better than even natural cow cheese, “Goat milk is naturally homogenized, that means it’s better for your digestion and is lower in fat and cholesterol than cow milk.” This means that even those that are lactose intolerant can enjoy goat cheese.

While the business started in 2007 Veronica has been enjoying the benefits of goat’s milk for a long time. While living in a Mennonite community in Illinois Veronica and her husband lived a very natural lifestyle, growing their own food, “We had one goat named Cookie and she provided milk.” That one goat grew into a business when they moved to Bloomsdale, Missouri and renovated a barn from 1912 into a beautiful creamery. Eight years later the Baetje’s have their hands full with more than just Cookie.

“Goats are personable and have dog-level intelligence. They’re very inquisitive. People think that goats will eat anything, and that they’ll eat your clothes, but that’s just to get your attention. They love to follow you around.” Veronica says that each goat has their own personality, and are named as such, “We have one that figured out how to open the gates and get out. We call her Naughty.”

Right now Veronica isn’t thinking so much about cheese as she is about all the new baby goats coming to the farm. It’s Kidding Season, and that means many new kids are being born. Some will stay on to ‘work’ on the farm, while others will find new homes. Veronica says that her favorite part of the business is watching these happy kids skipping and healthy, “My favorite part is being out on a beautiful day and see everything working in harmony.”

Things are indeed harmonious for the Baetje’s. Their cheeses have won over 60 national and international awards, producing cheese in a variety of flavors as it was for thousands of years, from their own goats by their own hands.

You can purchase goat cheese on their website, or check out their list of stores and restaurants. Learn more on the Baetje Farm website. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter, or check out their delicious goat cheese recipes on Pinterest!






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