The Coin-Op Cantina Levels-up Downtown Cape

Coin-Op CantinaThe Coin-Op Cantina has been a dream long in the making for Jeff Mungle, who was eager to combine his two favorite things: going out to bars, and playing video games.

The idea for the Coin-Op Cantina - a new venue in Downtown Cape that provides video games and a bar - came during Mungle’s evenings spent out drinking with friends, “I would go to the bars and see people get bored just standing around drinking. I’d see a group of people standing around the one pinball machine pouring money into it, and I saw an opportunity.”

In the Coin-Op Cantina there is a variety of arcade games, as well as console games which everyone can play while enjoying a drink. Bartender Latte Browne serves a variety of craft beer. Obviously this means the Coin-Op Cantina is only for those ages 21 and over, but Mungle believes that’s the age group that would appreciate the arcade the most.

The Coin-Op is already forming a clientele, from students searching for fun, to older patrons seeking nostalgia, “I had a gentleman Coin-Op Cantina Barcome in, he was about sixty years old. He played the pinball machines, and before he left he said, ‘thanks, I haven’t played one of those in years.’”

Between Mortal Combat, Pac-Man, and the Nintendo 64, Coin-Op Cantina is packing lots of nostalgia as well as new favorites with both a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One set up behind the bar where patrons can play the latest releases.

Mungle has lots of plans for building his business. Besides getting more games he also hopes to set up a board to display high scores, hold tournaments, add food to the bar, and someday move to a bigger location.

The Coin-Op Cantina is located at 46 N. Main St. in Cape Girardeau (the old Cup ‘N Cork building). They open at 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 3:00 p.m. on Saturday. Their website is still under construction, so until then follow them on Facebook.

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