Rocky Horror Leaves Fans in Antici . . .

Rocky Horror 2014 Courtesy of Facebook . . .pation. This strange but undeniably entertaining movie is The Rocky Horror Picture Show, where yelling in the theater is actually okay, and everyone has an obsession with fishnets, and an unexplained hatred for the back row. But as Dr. Frank N. Furter says, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Don’t be afraid, come learn more about this cult phenomenon and the local shadow cast in Cape Girardeau that makes it possible.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a tradition all across America, from movie theaters to the stage it relies heavily on audience interaction, with scripted lines the audience can yell at the screen, costumes to be worn during the show, and items that are thrown in the air, like rice, toilet paper, and playing cards. Perhaps the best part is the famous Time Warp dance in which everyone is encouraged to stand up and dance to the Time Warp. Those that haven’t seen the movie before are required to learn the dance with the help of the infamous ‘shadow cast.’

The shadow cast is true to their name, they lie waiting in the theater, seeking out virgins to RHPS, and pouncing at the first sign of weakness, making sure everyone is dancing, yelling, and having a good time. The shadow cast also acts out the movie as it progresses; this may seem redundant, but Chrissie Shay, the actress who plays ‘Columbia’ says it’s very important, “I feel like the cast brings a certain amount of hype to the movie. It adds on alternative movie going experience to it. Most of the time you sit for two hours in a dark theatre. With the movie and cast itself you participate, you involve yourself. You dance, you throw food, and the cast uses you as props.”

The shadow cast also acts as a buffer to any misbehavior.  Due to the interaction in the show Cape Girardeau is the only WehrenbergChrissie Shay as Columbia chain allowed to perform the RHPS. Aside from keeping everyone pumped up and participating, the shadow cast also makes sure everyone behaves by not throwing things at the screen or bringing anything that would be hard for the theater staff to clean up, squirt guns, for example, are prohibited.

The cast includes a variety of local residents, from students to hair stylists. Right now the line-up includes Iris Anderson as Rocky, Shanda Boren as Brad Majors, Hannah Bagot as Janet Weiss, Jacob Thompson as Riff Raff, Molly McNalley as Magenta, Paul Murphy as Eddie, Doug Patrick as Dr. Scott, and Dustin Steede as the lead Dr. Frank N. Furter. They also get help from the ‘trannies’ A.J. Litzenfelner and Shanda Boren who assist with lights, props, and costume changes.

Full of entertainment, good friends, and late night breakfast afterwards, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a unique way to spend a weekend. Shay says it’s a way to let loose, “It means a chance for people to experience something different, to let go and have fun without judgement because the person next to you is time-warping and hot dog throwing just as much as you.”

The shadow cast will be performing at the late night show of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Wehrenberg Theater June 19 and 20 at 11:30 p.m. You can learn more about the cast on their Facebook Page. So grab your lipstick, toast, and fishnet stockings, and give yourself over to absolute pleasure.






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