On Cue Brings the Performing Arts to Cape

On Cue Front WindowDancing, acting, playing an instrument, these are activities we tend to leave behind in our childhoods, but LaKrisha Graf is bringing the performing arts back to the public, both young and old. It’s time to get back into the spirit of things - take the stage and get back to humanity’s greatest talent. Whether you crave the spotlight, want to let it all go in dance, or just want to have some fun again On Cue Performing Arts Studio is the place that will make it happen.


You don’t have to be five to be a ballerina princess, or be in drama club to take the leading role in your favorite play. At On Cue you can be anything you want, and artistic director LaKrisha Graf will teach you how. Originally from East Prarie, LaKrisha has traveled most of her life, including a period living in London. A competitive dancer, and ballroom certified, it was LaKrisha’s dream since college to start her very own studio.

“Cape didn’t really have an all-around performing arts place for the public,” LaKrisha saw the need and filled it. LaKrisha wanted to be part of the art expansion of Downtown Cape, “There’s lots of visual and musical art in Downtown, I wanted to bring the performing arts.” She plans on creating big stage productions, as well as small street performances.

Even for those who don’t want to make their act public there are plenty of benefits to taking up a hobby, “adults need it too, some LaKrisha Graf leads kids in a hip hop lesson.haven’t danced or acted since high school and they feel intimidated. I want them to have fun.”

LaKrisha says there are many benefits to performing arts, for children and adults. In terms of fitness it’s a great and fun way to get exercise, “with ballet there’s grace and coordination, in hip-hop you learn hand-eye coordination. These are all things that are used in sports. Acting helps people with stage fright and learn how to present themselves. There are tons of studies that show how learning a musical instrument helps with tests and makes kids better at math. People need these things.”

Everyone has a different reason, some are artistic by nature, others are looking for adventure, “I have a burlesque class, which everyone misunderstands. It’s all about cabaret and jazz, a way to build confidence and make people happy with their body.”

And of course the kids love it too, “I love working with the two to five year olds, I get to act like a butterfly. They think everything is wonderful, and that always makes me happy.”

Spread the happiness with some dance and song. Check out On Cue’s website, or get updates on Facebook. Their brochure and schedule is now up for July.




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