$119,501 Bad Beat Jackpot, Historic Payout in the Isle Casino Poker Room

What started out as a routine night of poker with chips changing hands in the hundreds of dollars at best turned out to be the biggest night ever and perhaps for years to come in the Isle Casino poker room.

Thursday, July 2, 2015 a gentleman looked at two cards in his hands to see the best starting hand in poker, pocket aces. For poker players, nothing feels better than to see those two beauties at the start of a hand. The hope is that another player at the table has a starting hand good enough they are willing to put money into the pot, and the odds are good that your pocket aces will win the hand and make their money yours.

Enter Player 2, holding in his starting hand two kings. Pocket kings is the second best starting hand in poker and more often than not will win you some money, as long as you don’t run into someone holding pocket aces.

Now both of these players stare at the same trove of chips on the table with confidence.

The dealer turns over the first 3 of 5 cards to be dealt onto the table with 2 of the 3 cards being kings. Now Player 2 with the kings in his hand must be doing everything he can to conceal his excitement. The odds are greatly in his favor to win this hand.

If you are Player 1 with the aces you may be a little concerned as your opponent could have at least 1 king, giving him trip kings and leaving you way behind.


The fourth card is dealt to the table and it is an ace. Player 1’s pocket aces just made a full house, a hand that is better than the Player 2’s potential 3 kings. Both players at this point bet and raise each other until all their money is in the pot. The final card was turned offering no advantage to either player.

Once the players’ cards are exposed to reveal their hands, it is quickly and joyously realized the bad beat hand has finally occurred. After over 2 years of growing in value, $1 per hand played, day in and day out the bad beat jackpot was at $119, 501 and paid out 100%, a first time occurrence since 2012.

To meet the bad beat requirements, a player with a full house of aces full of kings (3 aces, two kings), using both of the cards in his hand, must lose the hand to someone with 4 of a kind, who also had to use both of the cards he was holding.

Aces full of Kings lost to 4 of a kind kings on July 2nd, 2015 and the loser of that hand, Jason K., took home $59, 780.74. The winner, with 4 kings, won the pot and 25% of the bad beat jackpot or $29,890.37 with the remaining $29,890.37 split evenly among the rest of the poker players at the table during the hand.

The requirements to hit the bad beat have been changed, now allowing for smaller payouts on hands that are slightly more common. This could mean that a jackpot this size may never be seen again in Cape Girardeau, however, it means that more frequent jackpots, still sizeable in amount will be paid out to poker room players.

As of July 8th the current Primary Bad Beat Jackpot amount is $47,495.20.

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