K of C Horseshoe Tournament: An Opportunity for Hospitality and Business

By Wes Wade

There is a saying that close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. And August 16 to 18, 2013 more than 3500 people will arrive in Jackson, MO, many hoping to do better than close in horseshoes. The annual statewide Knights of Columbus Horseshoe Tournament happens on the dates mentioned above and brings so much more value to the community than just a horseshoe.

Residents and businesses in the City of Jackson as well as surrounding communities have an opportunity to showcase some good ole fashion Southern Hospitality to folks from all over the state. Much like Cape’s hospitality that was recently recognized during the Great Race, we have the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on those that come to Jackson. Having this many people experience our great community, and then returning to their hometowns with glowing comments creates long term benefits in the way of future events, the visitors they bring, and the money spent.

Restaurants and retail establishments should have all hands on deck, as this large influx of visitors will certainly put to the test your staff’s customer service skills. Few things give a better impression to visitors than great customer service from happy, friendly staff. Close may be good in horseshoes but not in customer service!

The community at large benefits from events like this tournament, as the money spent is not just profit for local business owners alone, but more hours for employees and an increase in sales taxes that help pay for city services.

The money made by the local Knights of Columbus will also stay in the area.
Let’s all work together to make this experience for the visitors a great one and make our local Knights of Columbus proud!


*Please note that the horseshoe tournament participation is limited to Knights of Columbus members and their immediate families. Participants and their families must be members in good standing of the Knights of Columbus. If you would like to participate here are links you will find useful.


Entry Form (Deadline may be past) 
Event Schedule
Directions (includes an aerial view) 
Hotels and RV Camps
Contact: Tim Beussink; Phone: 573-243-1594; Ennis Hinkebein 573-243-3367

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