Lutes and Tischzithers: A Local Musician Transcends Time and Place Through Music

Daniel Atwood with the tischzitherOne of a culture’s biggest identities is their music, some are lost to the eras, or remain in the borders of their country, but for musician Daniel Atwood it’s always right at his fingertips.“It’s cool how music is always related to culture, and how it changes over time.” Daniel reflects. A student at Southeast Missouri State University Daniel is devoted to the study of the history and variety that music has to offer.


It’s absurdly easy to walk into a venue and hear the strains of guitar or the tinkle of a piano from local live bands. As a well-traveled and studious individual Daniel prides himself on not only collecting unique instruments but learning how to play them. One such instrument is the Tischzither, “it’s like a combo of a table guitar and a harp, a table harp,” Daniel says. He learned to play this strange instrument in its native land of Germany. While visiting family Daniel heard the Tischzither being played in a local venue and had the fortunate opportunity to learn to play it,  and even bring his own back to America.

Daniel also plays the lute, an ancient instrument associated with the Renaissance Era, "I was lucky to study under Dr Noonan. He taught me how to play the lute."

Daniel is interested in playing all sorts of string instruments. As a child he took piano lessons, and has played guitar for 10 years. ForDaniel Atwood playing the lute his next project he would like to take up the banjo.

Daniel says he is easily inspired by all kinds of music, and plays a variety of styles and genres from Renaissance, to Spanish guitar, German folk music, and Blues and Jazz, “It so cool how many different kinds of music there is.”

With such a unique style and assortment Daniel has played for such functions as the River Campus dedication, and art gallery receptions. But you can usually hear him play at Cup ‘N Cork on Saturday mornings strumming out anything from Classical to Jazz.

Daniel will be performing live at the Riverfront Farmers Market on Spanish Street, Saturday August 22, which runs 8:00 a.m. to noon. He will have his lute and tischzither on hand taking the audience back to another time, another place.


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