Echoes and Reverberations: Concert in a Cave

Photo courtesy of KRCUA lot of science goes into the acoustics of a concert hall, but what could beat the natural echo of a cave for a live performance? KRCU is holding their unique and invigorating fundraiser Concert in a Cave where patrons can enjoy fine wine and live music in a Saltpeter Cave, one of Missouri’s natural cave formations.


Concert in a Cave is celebrating its 8th year as a fundraiser for KRCU. Hosted by the Cave Winery in Sainte Genevieve, and catered by Ciao the concert not only provides delicious food and wine, but brings everything together in a unique venue that will make a great story for years to come.

This year’s concert will be performed by Snorty Horse - a four-piece folk band that will fill the cave with the vibrations of string instruments and classic folk sounds. Organizer and KRCU General Manager Dan Woods says that this sort of music is very well received, “String instruments sound great with the cave acoustics. Cathy Barton and Dave Para, two of the members of Snorty Horse, have played in the cave before played there before and people really like the traditional folk music.”

Snorty Horse's instruments include a banjo, guitar, fiddle, and a keyboard. The band calls themselves high-energy, using a mixture of old time tradition, and even some Celtic style. This, combined with the babbling brook of the Saltpeter Cave will take patrons to a new world of music and atmosphere. A mixture of traditional and nature that reminds us of simple times and relaxing fun.Photo courtesy of KRCU

“[The concert] is a way to wind down summer,” says Woods, “you have a night out in a unique location, and it’s already a perfectly planned evening.”

Proceeds from the concert help KRCU continue to provide a public service in music and news. The concert takes place August 28 with a social hour at 6:00 p.m. and the performance at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $40 and include a souvenir wine glass. Visit the website for registration.

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