Steampunk Festival in Hannibal

Stock image: Creative commonsWhen speaking of Hannibal, Missouri people usually think of riverboats and Mark Twain, but this Labor Day weekend Hannibal is going Victorian with the Big River Steampunk Festival. Get ready for the elaborate costumes, amazing inventions, and the positively unique subculture of the world of Steampunk.


Gears are turning and teacups clinking as the festival comes underway. Steampunk - also called Victorian Science Fiction - is an art that focuses on the alternative reality of a society that runs on steam and never left the stylistic preferences of the Victorian era. The combination is a beautiful twist of clean industrial and English and Wild West fashion. People express themselves through the art of costume development, weapon making, music, gadgets, and elegant parties.

All this and more will come together in Hannibal for three days of Steampunk delight. Some of the key events include sword fighting and nerf dueling with customized weapons, tea parties for ladies and gentlemen looking to socialize, and a steam-powered favorite - hot air balloon rides. Don’t miss ballroom dance lessons with Professor Parker, then you’ll be ready for the Time Traveler’s Ball aboard the Mark Twain River Boat, a true step back in time with a historic boat ride and live music by the Steampunk Stompers.Stock image: Creative commons

Other events include Steampunk favorites like plays, seminars, live musical performances, L.A.R.P., and of course a costume contest. Steampunkers pride themselves on the development of elaborate cosplays and gadgets that represent anything from the English aristocracy, to pirates, to zombie hunters, to princesses. These creations aren’t limited to sewing, there will also be a showcase on gadgets and gizmos that encompass the theme of Steampunk. Gears will be whirling and steam will fly. There are a variety of contraptions and costumes that even those who only spectate won’t want to miss.

With all these events and like-minded explorers, the festival is well worth the trip for any Steampunk-lover. Put on your goggles, hop into your aviation machine and set off on an adventure through time.

The Steampunk Festival takes place September 5, 6, and 7 in historic Downtown Hannibal. Visit the website for a full schedule, event details, and pricing. They even have costume ideas to help get you started.

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