Show Me Your Mummy Party with Here Come The Mummies

Show Me Your Mummy Party with Here Come The Mummies

By Emily Sladek

The Show Me Center will turn in concert seating for an open dance floor for a party of undead proportions on August 17. Dubbed "terrifying funk from beyond the grave," Here Come The Mummies (HCTM) is a 10-piece funk band that is every bit as eccentric as their name suggests. Catch them live at the Show Me Your Mummy Party at the Show Me Center!


HCTM is anything but a typical band. Performing in full mummy attire, the true identities of the band mates remains a mystery. They perform under aliases such as K.W. Tut, Eddie Mummy, Java, and Midnight Mummy, taking on the personas of their namesake.


With the combination of their quirky stage antics, Broadway-quality mummy costumes, and incredible gift for music, there is no wasted talent in this band. They will dazzle you with their horns, electric guitar, keyboard and percussion, serving up a mix of funk, R&B, rock and pop music. Impromptu solos, dramatic entrances, and off-color humor are just a sample of what you can expect during the show. Many of their songs are rich in innuendo and are cleverly witty, never once discounting the musicality of the band though.


Tickets to the show are available at the Box Office, by phone at (573) 651-5000, or online. For more information on the show, click here.


Tune into the Facebook page for your chance to win tickets. The contest ends on August 12, so get entered soon!

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