Young Local Artist Simeon Yemm Wins Honors at State Fair

Young Local Artist Simeon Yemm Wins Honors at State Fair

by Becky Davenport

Last year young Simeon captured eyes and hearts with his photos of “Baby Blue Jays” and took first runner up at the Missouri State Fair in 2011. Well this year this young local artist is at it again, and he will be returning to the Missouri State Fair with his prize winning video "Simeon's Everyday Movies of the Farm".


Art and Artistic expression has been part of Simeon’s life since he was just a young child using finger paints and crayons. Simeon is very modest, so modest that his mother explained that Simeon was a little disappointed that this video was the one chosen. Simeon says while creating his work he does not think that he is creating a masterpiece instead he steps back and thinks I want to remember this moment.


In all of young Simeon’s work, it is obvious that he not only has a love for art, but he has a love for animals. In a prior interview, his mother joked with me that Simeon would often rescue and revive mice, lizards, birds, and frogs often after his mother’s cat had caught them. Simeon’s favorite objects to paint or photograph are insects, animals, and anything to do with nature.


Deborah Yemm, Simeon’s mother, explained that at this point they do not know what place Simeon won, they just know that his video is a finalist and will know what place when they arrive. The family is excited to return this year to the Missouri State Fair in support of young Simeon.


You can often find Simeon Yemm’s work on display at The Gallery in Marquand, MO.

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