Thank You Officer!

State Trooper with Car

It is so “in” to Thank a Military Service Person” for their service these days that it happens frequently. Do you feel the same way toward law enforcement? I do and this is about the moment that appreciate bubbled to the surface.

A short time ago, I had a similar but quite unique experience. I was sitting in a coffee shop and had a uniformed, State Trooper make eye contact, smile and say hello as he walked by my table. I of course replied in kind, but what I felt caught me off guard.

A strong sense of gratitude for this man in a Trooper’s uniform, who I didn’t know, rose up inside me in much the same way most feel when seeing a military man in uniform.

I considered thanking him for his service before he left the building. However, not certain I should express such feelings, I hesitated just long enough for him to casually stroll out of the coffee shop.

I watched as he entered his car and finally forced myself out of my chair and onto the parking lot.

He was about to drive off but stopped and rolled down his passenger window. As I began to tell him of my appreciation for his service, to my surprise my emotions surfaced and choked me up.

I managed to share the feelings of appreciation I had for him and all those who work hard and put their lives on the line to keep our communities and highways. Although I don’t like getting tickets (has been a while now) I do value the service our law enforcement people provide to make this country safe.

He shared with me that he was a former Marine and valued the gratitude of the public for military personnel and mentioned he seldom hears it expressed as a Trooper.

We discussed the primary nature of his job, dealing with people in the middle of a troubling and not to pleasant moment, as having something to do with the lack of expressed gratitude.

My reason for sharing this moment is due to the overwhelming negativity and animosity poured out daily toward our law enforcement personnel. How hard it must be for law enforcement to go out every day risking their lives to protect ours, with so much hatred, as well as, false accusations broadcasted against them. Not to mention the direct contact with people who hate them and would do anything possible to make the officer the bad guy.

Regardless of the fact that a few bad officers exist and some make grave mistakes, the vast majority of those in law enforcement are great people who care about us and should hear from us they are valued.

Surely most law enforcement officers will continue to work without praise. However, I suspect many are thinking about a career change or have already found another career.

I ask you to join me in telling officers of the law they are valued and respected and not all of us think they are the bad guys.

Even when you happen to be on the receiving side of their job! J


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