Food on the Move: Local Food Trucks

573 Food Truck 2016Why go out to a restaurant when a restaurant can come to you? Food trucks are becoming a growing industry in Cape Girardeau, with Melting Co. and 573 Food Truck leading the way.


Jared Houchis is the owner and operator of 573 Food Truck. “The response since we opened last September has been good. We didn’t know what to expect since no one else was really doing it at the time. It’s been fun to educate the public.”

573 offers Mexican cuisine like tacos and quesadillas, though the menu changes periodically. Their latest special is a cheddar and raspberry jam grilled cheese sandwich.

Jared has big plans for his business, announcing the development of a permanent restaurant to be located at 823 Broadway in Cape. Jared wants the restaurant to combine the convenience of a food truck with the amenities of a sit-down restaurant. “We want to serve high quality food but make sure people don’t have to wait for it. It’ll still be a casual atmosphere.”

The food truck will remain running, visiting locations like banks, St. Francis Medical Center, and Kmart - offering a quick and affordable meal. “We have a clientele base. It’s a fun experience for people who are adventurous and want something new.

“We’re opening people’s eyes to a different style of food. The food truck industry is growing, and we expect more to come to the area. We’re hoping to develop and sustain a niche in the area.” Jared hopes that more new businesses will take root, and would like to create a food truck area with 4-5 trucks that people can try.

Melting Co. is Cape’s second food truck. They offer a variety of sandwiches - from pulled pork to a three cheese. They’re often found in the Kmart parking lot, or at the Cape Riverfront Market every Saturday. If you’re out late on Thursdays they’re also parked in the parking lot outside Hutson’s Fine Furniture from ll p.m. - 2 a.m.

Amila Ramanayake, Co Owner, says there’s a lot more involved in running a food truck than people realize. “It takes lot of time and effort to run a food truck.  Even though the serving times are only few hours a day, behind the curtain it is about ten to twelve-hour days . . . We have to deal with daily challenges such as issues with equipment, weather, and space . . . Dedication and focus is the key.”

For Amila it’s worth the hard work knowing that she’s providing a service to the community. “Food Trucks benefit the community by offering unique and affordable dishes. Food truck gatherings bring the community together as well.”

Melting Co. and 573 Food Truck are open from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. for lunch, and 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. for dinner. Their locations vary by day. To see their schedules and menus visit their Facebook pages.




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