More Cape Restaurants Go Smoke Free

Creative commons image via Photo PinWhile there is no smoking ban in Cape Girardeau many business owners in the restaurant industry are choosing to go smoke free.


Port Cape was the most recent business to ban smoking from their bar and banquet area, though they support a business's right to choose. In a statement on their Facebook page they called it, "strictly a business decision . . . [we] feel strongly that our bar atmosphere will be enhanced and appeal to a wider audience.”

The overall consensus for going smoke free seems to revolve around the desire to make the atmosphere desirable for nonsmokers.  Owners of other restaurants said that they find that they have more people complaining about smoke than people complaining that they can't smoke. Some have faced a loss of regulars due to the switch. Owners have said they want to keep out the smell and health hazard of second-hand smoke. Restaurants like Minglewood and Beef ‘O Brady’s have outdoor seating where patrons are allowed to smoke.

Other nonsmoking establishments include Sands Pancake House, Broussards, Coin-Op Cantina, Minglewood Brewery, Paddlewheel Pizza, Blue Diamond Sports Bar, Ragsdales, and Tractors in Jackson.

In Cape there are still bars that permit smoking indoors including The Pilot House, and bars like Rhymer’s on the Plaza, Rude Dog Pub, and Whiskey River.

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