Mac's Mission Finds a Home

Mac, Flower, and RochelleOne famous pit bull has gone from a puppy in need to the face of a dog rescue organization. Now Mac, of Mac’s Mission, is taking the next big step by getting a physical location where he can continue to help his four-legged friends.


Rochelle Steffen, aka ‘Mac’s Mom’ and spokesperson for Mac’s Mission spoke on Mac’s behalf about this grand project. “Mac owns the property, I don’t. It’s all about him!”

Mac was definitely excited about the new property, he even brought his new friend Flower - a chihuahua mix - along for the interview. Despite issues with her back legs Flower was happy to make the trip. “That’s why you gotta give them a chance, because they adapt,” Rochelle said. Flower certainly did. Her back legs didn’t stop her from hopping about “like a jumping bean,” as Rochelle described. Her puppy spirit was untarnished.

Flower and dogs like her are the reason Mac’s Mission exists. When Rochelle first adopted Mac he was just a three-month old puppy in need of leg surgery. Rochelle worked three jobs and sold Mac-themed t-shirts to help pay for the procedure. Once Mac was helped people kept buying t-shirts. “It snowballed from there.” Mac’s Mission now helps special need dogs of all breeds.

The new building is the next step to helping more dogs. “It [the building] will take us to the next level and allow us to help more animals each year. We can apply for grants which will bring in more money. Bigger and better things for more dogs.”Flower 2016

Rochelle has a huge vision for the new location. “The goal is to make it a home environment shelter . . . we want to make is as homelike as possible to allow them [the dogs] to transition from a shelter to a home and become more adoptable.”

Rochelle wants rooms with couches and televisions, a grooming station, a cat space, dedicated ICU space, and a massive indoor play area which can also function as an event room. The majority of the dogs are special needs, and they currently have one with a cleft palate who needs to be fed every two hours. Rochelle wants to meet this need by building living quarters for a staff member to be present 24/7.

They want the building to be self-sufficient with offices, laundry, water therapy, and more.Mac 2016

“We help dogs with severe medical cases. Other shelters don’t have the ability or money to care for those animals. Mac has created a strong following and runs donation fundraisers to help each dog.” Rochelle used the same method to purchase the land. With the help of Mac’s generous followers they raised $35,000 to purchase the property. Now they have set up a building fund and are working to raise $350,000 to build the facility.

“Mac’s Mission is about chugging along and keep trying, we’ll make it eventually.”

Mac’s Mission has several fundraisers coming up including pictures with Santa Claus. More are still to be announced.

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