What's New With BG's Olde Tyme Deli?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of BG's?  For many it is the over the top potato skins.  Don't worry, new owner Jerry Lynn says, "Rest assured the skins are staying the same!"  Jerry cheerfully jokes that the menu seems to be what people are asking about the most.  He does plan to make some changes to the menu but nothing too drastic.  He says of the previous ownership, "Gary made the food here and the food is great.  I just want to take it to a whole new level of freshness." 

Jerry took over the business a little over three months ago.  He says the community has been very receptive. He enjoys chatting with everyone when they come in to the restaurant.  When asked why this business he said, "I'd been looking and praying for an opportunity like this for three years.  Nothing was working and there were so many road blocks.  And then this fell in my lap."  Jerry remarks that he is very happy with his decision and his first few months as a new business owner have been great.  He said, "This has outlasted all the chains. It's been here for 33 years.  I'm just happy to keep the name going." 

For Jerry, making the jump from experienced general manager to owner of his first business was all part of the long term goal.  He has spent many years in the restaurant industry and is excited to tap in to that experience at BG's.  He says, "There's so much history here.   That's what I like about it.  People that have moved away always stop back by when they are in town.  I came here as a kid.  This was THE place to go and I think we can get it there again." 

So what will the future look like for BG's? Jerry is still working out the details. There were some immediate changes to the TVs and bar stools and some overall freshening up.  He hopes to change some more of the furniture and bathrooms in the future.  There is even the possibility of breakfast service .  But it seems for now that the first priority is the menu and keeping up the excellent customer service that everyone has come to expect.  Jerry thinks that is the key to success at BG's Olde Tyme Deli and Saloon.  He says, "The food and the great people are important.  Without great food and great people they're just not coming back."


Catering is available - No order too large or too small
Delivery is available
Look for expanded hours in February -Bar side Fri/Sat open until midnight (10p through the week) and 11p Fri/Sat in dining room


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