Levi's Adventure Trail Grand Opening

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 What is Levi's Adventure Trail?

Ecosystem (n.): An ecological community, existing together within an environment and functioning as a single, cohesive unit.

Family (n.): A biological community, existing together within an environment and functioning as a single, cohesive unit.

Welcome to Levi’s Adventure Trail!

It's a place filled with exploration, discovery and super-powered personalities. This play area is dedicated to a very special boy, Levi Stephen Collom,  who never stopped believing in a better world. His energy continues to fuel our imagination, give us hope and remind us that no matter where we are, we are all connected.  

Levi Stephen Collom loved superheros, trucks, trains, the color orange, and exploring caves, especially while camping at Current River in Van Buren, Mo with his family.  Levi liked to dig in the sand, explore creatures in the water, get his feet wet and play water guns with his sister Victoria.  

This exhibit will be a special place for all children to follow Levi in the endless adventures he loved so much.

Our goals with this project:

  • To give families a place to go and spend time with their kids and grandkids

  • To teach lessons to kids about the environment and responsible behavior

  • Acknowledge those close to Levi and how he inspired them to do great things

  • Capture Levi’s adventurous spirit and share that sense of wonder with the community

  • Showcase one of Levi’s favorite things: superheroes

Levi's Adventure Trail will be an outdoor Nature exhibit.  We want this exhibit to be one of the coolest places for kids and their families to play.  Levi's Adventure Trail will be built in cooperation with Cape County Parks, located in Cape County Park South.

We are also incorporating Super Heroes into this amazing Trail that we are called Levi's Adventure Crew! As a 3 1/2 year old child,Levi loved his Super Heroes; he called them his "Super Powers."

I knew as a mother that I had to incorporate some Super Heroes somehow. I wasn't sure how, but I knew it had to be done.  With the help of Red Letter Communications, Inc., Holly Dirnberger (the artist), Michael Baxter (a very talented creative writer) and Shelly McTigue (the project manager) we came up with Levi's Adventure Crew.  

We have also teamed up with Element 74 Web Design in Cape Girardeau to bring you this website, where we'll post all of the latest happenings. We want you to be able to see the progress, and be able to celebrate Levi's life right along with us!

Levi's Adventure Crew

Levi's Adventure Crew is made up of four main super heroes with several supporting super heroes that will come along later.  The main Super Hero is Lightning Speed Levi. Although he is the smallest, Lightning Speed Levi possesses the greatest power of all: The power to inspire others to make our world a better place.  These heroes replicate the personalities and traits of our family members. Levi's sister Victoria named each of these Super Powered Heroes.

Introducing Levi's Adventure Crew...

Lightning Speed Levi

Volcano Magma

Eco Mom

Geothermal Equalizer

These crew members will live inside Levi's Adventure Trail and they will teach lessons throughout, including being Eco-Friendly, how to reduce your carbon foot print, eating healthy, exercising, learning facts about nature, how to be nice to your family and that its cool to learn and read, plus so much more.


The Grand Opening will be Sunday Nov 5th at 1pm

There will be some fun activities and crafts plus hotdogs, drinks and cupcakes (while supplies last)


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