Kimberley Dahme – Nashville Songstress

Kimberley Dahme – Nashville Songstress

Songwriters and musicians aren’t unique in Nashville, unless you’re Kimberley Dahme.  Not only has she performed and recorded with A-List Music City musicians she was also a member of the iconic Rock band “Boston.” Fans of Live local music around Cape Girardeau may know Dahme as a participant in the Riverside Ramble at the Yaht Club in Port Cape this past June.  Iluvlocalplaces caught up with Kimberely at her base near Nashville, TN!


How old were you when you started playing music and what instrument?

When I was only 3 years old I was already in singing lessons because my parents couldn’t keep me from singing. It was my absolute favorite thing to do besides playing with my stuffed Squirrel.

I remember the first song I learned was a Ray Stevens song titled “Everything is Beautiful.”  In 3rd grade I started playing the flute and in the 6th grade I began teaching myself the acoustic guitar.  I sort of started playing closet guitar. That’s where you pull it out of the closet for a few weeks, learn a song then put it away for a year or two. Rinse and repeat until I was about 19. That’s when I played more consistently in restaurants, honky tonks, pizza places, bowling alleys and hardware stores.

What was it like being the first female musician to tour with “BOSTON?”

It was an honor and more than a dream come true for me. I loved being the first woman chosen to perform with BOSTON. They were my all-time favorite band growing up. I even attempted to have a BOSTON cover band when I was very young but I couldn’t sing the notes that Brad Delp did!  Tom Scholz is a genius and I loved the challenge.  When we were performing on stage I was in a beautiful mystic dream. Of course, I was terrified most all the time.

How did you get the gig?

It was the right place, right time. Tom Scholz and Gary Pihl were searching for a drummer and I was in another amazing band that featured two great drummers. I was on tour with Grammy award-winning producer Tom Hambridge where I was also the only female in the band.  My good friend, Thom Bresh loaned me one of his cool guitars to play on that Balderdash Tour because I didn’t even have an electric to play back then. Being the only female in a male band is a reoccurring theme in my life.  Scholz asked if I played the bass. I said that I didn’t and he suggested that if I were to ever learn to play bass give him a call. I bought a used bass with what little money I had and three weeks or so later called Tom.

How long were you with BOSTON?

From January 2002 to November 2014. I did have to take a few breaks along the way.  One to get over Brad Delp’s tragic and unexpected suicide.  Then another break came when I paralyzed my right arm and hand in a horrific skiing accident in 2012. I debuted with BOSTON on January 1st of 2002 at the Fiesta Bowl. It was crazy. I’d never played bass before in my life and there I was in front of thousands of people and being televised to millions.

Your solo music seems have a more acoustic earthy vibe why?  

Performing acoustically allows me artistic freedom. While I’m playing my original songs come to life. It’s when the arrangements sink into place. I like to let it happen organically. Tom Scholz complimented me years ago when he said; that my being able to sing and play solo was one of my strongest assets. Nothing else ... just me and a guitar. It keeps me humble, that's for sure. Solo or with a full band you can be assured I’m having a great time.

How did you start working with Wayne Givens?

There is so much talent in Cape Girardeau I guess it was only a matter of time before I had the pleasure of meeting Wayne. We met at the Jackson Band Shelter in the park.  It was a great show where I got to play with the Jackson Municipal Band. It’s part of the Rock in the Rock Garden series put on by the City of Jackson, Missouri. Wayne and his wife were there and heard me perform. We connected and he asked if I’d be interested in hearing one of his songs. He thought he could use a female singer on it. It’s a tune Wayne wrote and did most of the recording there in Missouri. He brought the recorded tracks to my little town of Leipers Fork, Tennessee. Where we got to meet and record the song with some Grammy award-winning talent.

Will you be recording any more Christmas or Holiday songs?

I’m glad you asked! I’m thrilled to say YES! I’m extremely excited about this new Christmas Song. It’s called “The Night” I co-wrote this with Janine Alexander and can’t wait to unveil it come Fall. We had the luxury of recording at Omni Recording Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. We had outstanding musicians ... off the charts, they blew me away. I can’t wait to share. . I’ll fill you in soon. Please like: KimberleyDahme Singer-Songwriter on Facebook

Are you working on a new album?

Yes!  I have enough new songs for at least 4 albums already and I keep on writing. It’s a matter of time and money at this point so I can get into the studio and record.

Do you have more Cape shows planned?

I adore Cape Girardeau! I’ve always been welcomed by the kind generous people there. I was first invited years ago by Larry and Gene Underberg to come stay with them and perform for one of their house concerts and I fell in love. They introduced me to my dear friends Bruce and Casey Zimmerman who in turn introduced me to a number of fine musicians like Doug Reese and many more. I’ll keep coming back to Cape Girardeau and Jackson for as long as they’ll have me.   

What’s it like sharing a bill with Thom Bresh (son of Country Music star Merle Travis)?

Thom Bresh is awesome. He’s one of a kind and a dear friend of mine.  We go way back! He’s crazy talented and hilarious. Thom has so many funny stories and he’s the best thumb picker

I’ve ever heard. One of my favorite stories about Thom is that he taught my boy how to pee on a barn. Something I simply couldn’t do. If Thom ever comes your way make a point to go see him live! He’ll blow you away.   

What is your favorite guitar to tour and write with?

I’ve been playing my Guild D-50 for years now. I love this guitar. Fender was kind enough to give her to me back in 2002. She’s been working hard ever since. She’s getting tired, though.  Yes, she told me so. I believe I’ve put her through enough abuse. So, lately I’ve been going into music stores, trying to find something maybe a little smaller with that big fat sound.

A little factoid about my D-50: I have a Hip Shot on my low E string so I can easily switch between E and D, something I do regularly in my shows. So much so that I also put a Hip Shot on my 4-string BOSTON Fender Jazz bass. That made my load much lighter. I only used a heavy 5-string bass when I needed a low B or C.


The best place to keep up with Kimberely Dahme is on social media, especially Face Book. She is planning more concerts in the Cape Girardeau area and around the country.  We are looking forward to more new music in the vein of her past album “Let’s Sleep on it Tonight,” “You Make Me Believe” and “Can’t a Girl Change Her Mind.”


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