Things to Do With Dad

With a forecast of sunny and temperatures in the 80s, this weekend is shaping up to be a nice one! Since Father's Day is Sunday, and (let's be honest) Dad doesn't need anymore new ties, give Dad the gift of your company! There are many things you can do to celebrate your own dad or any of the other dads in your life.  


Throw a line out and hope to catch the big one! There are several fishing hot spots you can enjoy in the area such as Rotary Lake in Jackson, Clearwater Lake, St. Francis River, and even the Mighty Mississippi. (You can find a full list of fisheries in Missouri here.) Dad will probably beam as he reminisces about the first fish you "caught" (even though he cast the line out AND reeled it in for you) and you can swap fish tales as you fish. Maybe you can even fry up your catch at the end of the day. Don't forget to have your fishing licenses on hand!



A new trend that is sweeping the nation is beer breweries. Many people are trying their hand at the craft, and the results are nothing short of impressive in most cases.  Local breweries you can enjoy include Hubrew, Little Egypt Beer, Big Muddy Brewing, and Crown Valley Brewery. Many with taprooms and tours, you can enjoy locally crafted beers without having to travel far. If you're up for a bit more of an adventure, St. Louis' Riverfront Times' blog article highlighting some brewery trips that are worth taking, including some that have already been mentioned as well as a few more!



If the dad in your life is an "under the stars" type of guy, take him out to the sticks, put him in a tent, and let him sleep with the sounds of nature. There are several great opportunities for camping in the area: Trail of Tears State Park, Sam. A Baker State Park, Barks Plantation, and the list goes on! Heck, you can even set up a tent in the back forty of Grandma and Grandpa's farm if that's your style. Many of the camping areas also offer other opportunities such as trails to hike, swimming, and fishing for a more fulfilling experience. Just remember, dad doesn't have to roast his own hotdog over the campfire…that's why he has you! (Don't forget his mustard and relish!)



Hop on your two-wheeled, manual powered vessels and go for a spin. A short ride through the park - several have nice areas or trails for bikes - or a long distance journey may be the ticket to helping Dad enjoy his day. Remember how he taught you to ride your bike when you were a kid? You owe it to him to put that training to good use!


Share History 

Why not take a trip down memory lane as you galavant around to some historic locations? Find out about the Civil War, dinosaurs, area founding families, Cherokee Indians, old-fashioned mill work, and more all within less than 35 miles! Our area is rich with history as well as opportunities to explore it. You can explore an interactive map of places on the national historic register in Missouri and Illinois, or you can check out local organizations dedicated to preserving history for other ideas. 



Since Dad gets the day off, he should be exempt from preparing his own meal. Take him someplace that he doesn't often go and let him have his pick off the menu, or if you are feeling particularly adventurous, cook him up a meal like his momma used to make and serve it right in your kitchen. (He doesn't have to know if you grabbed something to go and put it in your own serving dish!)

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