“Man Stuff” a new book by Josh Turner

This is one of those times where you can read a book by its cover, especially when the books title is “Man Stuff!”  When the book arrived at my office I was impressed that it was a compact hard cover book. I took it on a business trip to Las Vegas and read almost the entire book on the flight back to Nashville. 

Most of us know Josh Turner for being a double- platinum-singer-songwriter, one of the youngest Grand Old Opry members and his defining really low voice.  I think what impressed me most about the book though was Turner’s openness about his Christian values and how he has tried to apply these to his own life and his family. Each chapter of the book opens with a line of scripture from the Bible.  He also makes a stand for traditional country music, which isn’t really on mainstream Country radio stations or Top 40 radio stations as Bro Country dominates the airwaves. 

The forward was written by Jase Robertson from A&E’s Ducky Dynasty TV show, and for a man who speaks more with his facial expressions and beard than his mouth he wrote a very complimentary open for Turner’s new book. 

The common threads I found throughout the book were Josh’s faith, family, a great sense of humor and music.  In one chapter he tells on himself for dishonestly having his photo taken with his sidekick’s fish instead of the tiny one he caught but also how guilty he felt for doing that.  He speaks highly of his parents and how he rebelled against them and had to learn hard life lessons that way. 

The chapters of the book are short and easy to read, giving the reader the feeling that they were wrote during travel times on a bus or airplane sometimes.  I believe he also composed this book as a kind of manual for his three sons so that they could hopefully learn from his past mistakes and become the man he is striving to be to this day.  The chapters also had an almost lyrical feel to them, hinting to how some of his songs contained antidotes from these life experiences. 

I find relaxation in reading books like these about musicians as it feels like they are giving us a glimpse behind the curtain of their lives when they open up in this format.  Much like his voice, Josh Turner has found an inner depth in the writing of his book.  Even on the back cover of “Man Stuff” it provides truth in advertising stating, “Each (chapter) can be read in the time it takes to drink a morning cup of coffee.”  Sometimes, like a good country song, it isn’t the number of words that are sung, but the meaning the words convey and the spaces that are left in between them. 

Although I have already promised to loan this book to a family member that is a big fan of his, I plan to read it again and try and apply some of the messages to my life as well.  As a father and a musician (but not a famous one) myself Josh Turner strikes a chord that resonates my own life and how I hope the future will be for my daughter, just like he does for his three sons!  “Man Stuff” is not just a book for men; it is a book aimed at anyone who is open to Christian values, is trying to better themselves, and focuses on how they treat their spouse, children and parents with healthy dose of country music mixed in for good measure.  The book is available at most major books stores now and online at

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