"Gone Girl" Premiere Rolls Out the Red Carpet

After what has seemed like an extremely long wait, Gone Girl is finally out in theaters. Wherenburg Cape West 14 Cine did an amazing job creating an exciting atmosphere for the Cape Girardeau Opening Night. The red carpet was extremely fun and was very well received.

The theatre had two different red carpet photo opportunities that many movie goers took advantage of. My friend, Monica, and me had the pleasure of covering the event and had so much fun doing so!

One of the most fun parts of the night was meeting different people and hearing their personal Gone Girl stories and experiences. Mary Smith was an extra at the Drury Hotel and is 52 seconds into the trailer. She said that what she was looking most forward to was “seeing all the local places” on the big screen.

Brad Hollerbach was paparazzi in the movie and was most interested in “seeing myself in the movie”.

Pam Koehler is from Jackson and she was an extra for one day. She explained that, “It’s very exciting! Looking forward to seeing familiar faces on the screen.”

Shanna Bradenburgh and Becky Williams, from Cape and Jackson, had never met before being cast as extras on the set. However, “We became best friends! We didn’t even know each other before then.” They also repeated a very popular sentiment from the premiere, that Gone Girl was “unbelievably awesome to be a part of”. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see Roger Allgood, with whom I was on set with at Giant City Lodge. He came dressed to the premier in the same fisherman’s costume that he wore in the film. He explained, “The neatest thing was Fincher’s attention to detail. He would stand and watch the clouds to make sure that the sun was right”. I was able to catch up with my fellow stand ins, James Tweedie and Alison Sherrill Niermann, who stood in as Nick and Amy’s mother; it was great to hear what they have been up to since filming wrapped in Cape.

The after party at Isle of Capri Casino was beautifully decorated and the staff at Keller’s went above and beyond to continue the festive atmosphere that began at the theater. They, too, had a red carpet photo opportunity as soon as you walked in and had a Hollywood star walk of fame as party goers entered Keller’s.  The food was beautifully presented and delicious.  

Aside from the attention and revenue that Gone Girl has brought to Cape, one of the greatest benefits to our town has to be the increased sense of community, which was very obvious at the premiere. From complete strangers becoming friends to people coming from miles around to catch a glimpse of the locales on the big screen, the experience has helped renew the neighborly spirit of the Cape Girardeau region. 

Gone Girl Premiere and After Party

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