Black Thanksgiving?

By Wes Wade

For many reasons Thanksgiving may well be my favorite holiday of the year; good food, time spent with family and friends, relaxation and no pressure to shop for presents to give someone.  Just cook, show up and eat; simple and fun.


One of the things making Thanksgiving what it is comes from a lack of distractions and interruptions practically forcing you to spend time with family. Traditionally most businesses have been closed on Thanksgiving or staffed with just enough employees to keep the doors open, which limits our options and keeps us close.

One of the few days of the year us Type A personalities can sit around, do nothing and not feel guilty…. almost!

I see a trend in retail that is going to change all this for us. Many of the big box stores are kicking off their “Black Friday” sales earlier on Thanksgiving this year than they did in 2012. Last year it was 8pm, this year 6pm with one even starting sales at 6am on Thanksgiving. This is disappointing to me because I know within a few years this wonderful holiday will become the new Black Friday with all the craziness that accompanies these promotions. I guess people will start camping out on Wednesday in order to have first crack at those Black Thanksgiving sales.

Why is this necessary? Most of these companies are making billions of dollars annually and this one extra day will certainly add to the coffers. But while they earn a few more dollars a share for their investors we all loose some quality of life because we no longer simply enjoy time together with few interruptions. Almost every family is going to have those few that can’t resist and fly out the door to shop.

This trend in shopping will obviously trickle down to the locally owned businesses as well because they will feel the pressure to be open and compete. I would like to fault the “evil corporations” for this trend and certainly they bare some responsibility in the matter. However, if customers don’t show up and spend money none of this would be happening which brings me to the point of this rant!

I for one will not be out shopping on Thanksgiving and I hope you will join me in this refrain. If you value that brief moment where we have nothing but family, food and relaxation on this one day of the year then help me keep it that way and wait until Friday to loose your mind!

So this is not just about the big chains it is about you and me and a day to be thankful  (it is Thanksgiving right) for what we have and hold dear. Let’s not mess this up with sales events.
Do you really think we should have a Black Thanksgiving?

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